The popularity of Padel world-wide and in Finland is exploding – and for a good reason! The game is full of energy, has a strong social factor and is easy to adopt and learn for all ages. Padel is an excellent way of getting in shape while enjoying the company of good friends and the rush of the game, a good team play with you partner is more important than power, for winning the match! The official padel game is always played as doubles, but during training sessions you will see a varying number of players on the court.


The padel court will look familiar to many, as it resembles a slightly smaller tennis court but with transparent walls around. The walls are made partly of glass and partly of metallic fence. These walls are an integral part of the court and can and should be used as part of the game tactics, in accordance with the padel rules.

The padel racket also somewhat resembles a tennis racket but without strings. The padel racket is usually made of carbon fibre coating on top of a softer core. The rackets weigh around 360g and are easy and fun to use. Padel balls look exactly like tennis balls but are slightly slower in character. Padel rackets can be rented at our facilities and we offer balls for sale.